Workshop 003


- This tutorial contains 8 full HD videos 1280 X 720 HD - More than 1 Hour of lessons in 446MB.

- Instructions will be displayed while watching the videos.

- Included my Wash Away Action and the PSD File.

001. Skin 22:15
002. Removing Flying Hair 15:49
003. Hair 07:04
004. Adding Hair 07:39
005. Finishing Hair 05:20
006. Adding blur to the background 02:39
007. Dodge and Burn 04:56
008. Final adjustments 07:35

The images used in this workshop don't belong to me and I have not the right to redistribute them.

In the ReadMe file you will find the links to the images I used. If the pictures are not available you have to search for an alternative source.

This tutorial is made to teach you the techinuqes to achieve the final result and not to make a copy of the original work.

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